REVIEW: The Magnificent Seven

19 12 2016

“Progressive” is hardly a common adjective used in conjunction with the western genre, at least ones that are made in the classical (as opposed to revisionist) style. And yet that’s essentially what “The Magnificent Seven” is at its core. All things considered, Antoine Fuqua’s film is an emblematic Obama-era movie – if not in content, than at least in themes and representation.

Gone is the lone gunman or the reluctant savior of the John Wayne era. In comes the diverse band of outsiders who must collaborate and cooperate to save a small frontier town from hostile takeover. These gunslingers might not always see eye to eye, but they can unite over a common goal of helping out the endangered townspeople. Moreover, they do not just glide in as mercenary heroes; they also train the citizens to fight alongside them for control of their land. While they might lack funding, they more than compensate for that deficit with a surplus of ingenuity.

The setup of the sometimes bitter racial, cultural and partisan divides from Nic Pizzolato and Richard Wenk’s script can get a bit tedious. But by the time the final battle for the heart and soul of Rose Creek arrives, all elements of “The Magnificent Seven” cohere. I found myself invested not only in the fate of the characters but also in the very ideals at stake. Both on and off the screen, that fight is far from settled. B2halfstars

Random Factoid #291

15 05 2010

Watched “Requiem for a Dream” last night – wow.  Not going out and doing any drugs anytime soon.  Talk about a movie that tests your ability to stomach a movie.

I pride myself on being a fairly tolerant moviegoer.  I can sit through most movies that most people can’t stomach.  Most horror movies don’t disturb me, mainly because they are too far-fetched to have any impact.  I can barely watch movies like “Requiem for a Dream” or “Precious” because I can’t fall back on thinking that it’s not real.  The fact is, people do face drug addictions or abuse.

However, there are some movies that I won’t subject myself to watching.  Mainly, “Antichrist.”