Random Factoid #167

11 01 2010

People talk about life-changing movies all the time, but a movie that truly inspired me to go out and alter my life was “Casino Royale.”

No, I didn’t leave the theater, go buy an Aston Martin, pick up gorgeous European women, and start firing my large arsenal of weapons.

Per se, it wasn’t actually the movie itself that inspired the change; rather, it was something that happened while I watched the movie.

I had gone with a friend, and my parents had so generously lent me their credit card to pay for the movie because I was plum broke and out of cash.  Even in November, I was wearing mesh shorts (that’s Houston for you).  These shorts did not have pockets, so I stuffed the card into the elastic waistline.

At some point during the movie, I felt my shorts and noticed that the card was gone.  I began to panic but remained calm and focused on the movie, knowing that I didn’t stand a chance of finding it in the dimly lit theater.

When the lights came on, I scoured the floors for the card.  The search became fruitful after about a minute or so when I began looking in the row below us.

The next day, my mom and I got in the car and headed to the Sports Authority where we bought five pairs of mesh shorts with pockets so nothing like this would ever happen again.