Shameless Advertisement #8 – January

1 01 2010


It’s January.  I’m not crazy about any of the choices this month, so I will probably spend it catching up on 2009’s awards contenders and second viewings.

But that’s just me.  7 of you all found something you wanted to see.  “Leap Year” and “When In Rome” each got one vote, as did “The Spy Next Door.”  To whomever that person may be, I sincerely hope that was a joke.

The two movies that managed to garner multiple votes were both movies that I lambasted in my preview.  So how did I choose?  As some author once said, “When you have to choose between two evils, choose the one that you’ve never tried.”  This philosophy is to the dismay of “Youth in Revolt,” which looks about as “been there, done that” as Michael Cera.

So, the winner of January’s shameless (or shameful) advertisement is…

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