Random Factoid #272

26 04 2010

I said way back in Random Factoid #10 that I have a … distinct laugh.  When I think something is funny, I don’t hesitate to laugh.  Sometimes, I get a little loud.  To a certain irritable person, they might also add the adjective obnoxious.

I don’t mind glares or being shushed, largely because I dish them out quite often.  But I do it whenever it is a direct violation of standard movie decorum – talking on the phone, loudly talking, and such things that any sane person would never do.

Yesterday, however, at “Date Night,” I received my first sign of outward aggression to my laughter.  The couple sitting directly in front of my friend and I seemed to be annoyed by our constant laughter, particularly my deep chuckles.  It was a funny movie, what was I supposed to do?  I would see them whispering after I let out a laugh with particularly high volume.

But suddenly, halfway through the movie, the couple got up and moved to the end of the row – as far away from me as comfortably possible.  Of course I knew it was because of me.  But with their empty seats, I got a footrest.

Winner: Marshall.