Random Factoid #531

10 01 2011

Yesterday evening, I had the amazing opportunity to give a full sermon in front of my entire church congregation.  (Yes, I did reference a movie, for all those wondering.)  I had known about this since the beginning of December, but it was only yesterday afternoon while working out that I had visions of myself ending up like King George VI in “The King’s Speech” – totally paralyzed in front of the microphone.  I thought about the movie’s opening scene where, as the Duke of York, he can scarcely say a word in front of a crowd.

However, unlike King George, who had a stammering problem, I often find myself talking so rapidly that I make myself hard to understand.  But being so inspired by “The King’s Speech,” I couldn’t help but calm my nerves beforehand by putting myself in George’s shoes.  I sat in my car, played “Speaking Unto Nations,” the song that played during the climactic speech of the movie, imagined Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) standing in front of me, and spoke slowly and in rhythm with the song to give the speech an appropriate pace.

And, as far as I can tell, it worked!  So if you’re ever in need of strength or calmness, may I recommend the fantastic piece from the soundtrack that I have embedded below.  It’s great to inspire or just fulfill that deep-seeded desire to have your life be scored by a full orchestra.