Random Factoid #320

13 06 2010

Yesterday, I finally got to see a movie that I’ve been wanting to see for many, many years.  13, to be exact.

Ever since I was five years old, I have wanted to see the movie “Masterminds.”  I remember watching the trailer and wanting to be old enough to watch the movie.  The story involves a kid rebel (Vincent Kartheiser) sticking it to oppressive authority (Patrick Stewart).  The preview showed him kicking butt, and they didn’t have many youngsters doing that back in the day (being the year 1997).  It appealed to my wilder side, and ever since, it’s been buried on my “to see” list.

Turns out I saw the movie 3 years ago when it was called “Die Hard.”  Disappointingly, “Masterminds” turned out to be just a junior version of the 1988 Bruce Willis classic.  But now I can say that I saw it, and my inner five-year-old is smiling.

Plus all that ’90s nostalgia was AWESOME.