Shameless Advertisement #12 – May

1 05 2010

Well, folks, it’s time.  The blockbuster has popped up here and there in 2010, but Hollywood is about to hit us with a cavalcade of them.  And it all starts here.  In May.

Two of these blockbusters – “Robin Hood” and “Shrek Forever After” – failed to even get a vote for the month’s most anticipated.  We will see if the box office mirrors the expectations reflected here.

A surprise vote-getter was “Babies,” the documentary that follows the first years of four infants across the world.  It scored the same amount of votes (or vote, singular, one vote) as the tentpole action movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

I can now be assured that I have female readers judging by the two votes “Sex and the City 2” movie received.

But every other film being released in May combined couldn’t measure up to the staggering five votes that the most anticipated move in May received.  Thus, the shameless advertisement of May is for …

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Random Factoid #277

1 05 2010

It’s May, which means the beginning of the summer movie season (but it’s not like you could have known that from reading this blog)!

I love going to see that big kick-off movie – this year, it is “Iron Man 2” – with everyone else in America who has been waiting for the season as well.  But upon analyzing my ticket collection, I noticed that I hadn’t been the opening weekend of the season since middle school.  That finals mindset, man …

But this year, I will be taking the AP United States History exam on May 7.  After an intense week of studying (which is going to cause me to go semi-incognito for the next seven days), I think “Iron Man 2” will be just what the doctor ordered.