Random Factoid #270

24 04 2010

Another factoid brought to you by Ross v Ross, this time from their post “What are the best movies you have watched on a plane?

I think a great plane movie has to be entertaining and attention-grabbing, but it can’t be too rousing or hilarious because then you can’t fully express yourself (not wanting to wake up those pesky sleeping passengers).  It also has to play well on a computer screen or a screen the size of your wallet.

I selected my two favorite movies that I have watched on a plane, one that was provided by the airline and one I brought myself.

The best movie Continental Airlines has ever provided me is “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.”  And it beat out a Best Picture winner in “A Beautiful Mind” largely because it made me happy.  I just sat there and really realized how many great songs MJ really made.

The best movie I have seen that I brought myself on a plane is “City of God,” Fernando Meirelles’ sweeping tale of the slums of Rio de Janeiro.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.

Any favorites for you all?  Has anyone happened to have seen “Up in the Air” while up in the air?

REVIEW: Michael Jackson’s This Is It

26 01 2010

I watched “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” on my plane flight to Argentina a few weeks ago, and it’s exactly the kind of movie that Continental Airlines shouldn’t be showing on their planes.


Because the movie is a glorious celebration of the music and artistry of Michael Jackson.  It’s a movie that makes you want to sing along with his prodigious hit songs and get out of your seat and bust a move.  Those two things are unfortunately rather tricky to do without earning the extreme ire of your fellow travelers, so I had to settle for humming and toe-tapping.

The multitudes in London would have seen one hell of a show from Jackson last summer.  As visually stunning as the music and dancing, the concert was a multi-sensory spectacle designed to absolutely floor.  Jackson created several new videos for songs such as “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller,” but there was also plenty of the familiar material that firmly established him as the King of Pop.

The movie isn’t just rehearsal footage of each number; it is a portrait of the man behind the music, a perfectionist with an unbelievable gift and vision.  It never dwells on sadness from Jackson’s death; in fact, it serves as a glorious reminder of all the great music and moments that he gave us.  I didn’t live in the era of his greatest hits, but I do know that he was bigger than anything from my lifetime.  My parents both remember exactly where they were when they saw the “Thriller” music video for the first time – there simply has not been an artist with as much charisma and talent that has drawn in the masses since him.  “This Is It” reminds us that Jackson lives on forever through his music, but we have lost a kind and brilliant artist, man, and father.  Never do these two coexist more beautifully than in the film’s finale, a performance of “Man in the Mirror” that will assuredly make all of Jackson’s fans tear up.  B+ /