Random Factoid #407

8 09 2010

Today’s entry is mainly for the fellow bloggers, but any movie aficionados are welcome to chime in as well.

I love randomly surfing the App Store on my iPhone for movie-related apps.  The other day, I downloaded a freebie in the top 25 called “Movie Quizzle.”  It sounded like something totally up my alley, so I decided to download it and give it a try.

After quizzing myself for five minutes, I had to delete the app because it was so patronizingly easy.  As an obsessive moviegoer, the questions were an insult to my intelligence.  But sometimes an insult to intelligence is good because it reminds you that you have a brain and are intelligent in the first place.

Movie Quizzle isn’t the only thing I’ve sworn off, too.  I don’t play Scene It! anymore because it’s just no fun to play with friends when I know so much and they so little.  I don’t like to gloat, and it’s all too easy to get a big ego for me playing that game.

Anyone else feel like their cinematic knowledge is so far superior to the average bear that any sort of trivia thrown at us just seems too easy?