Random Factoid #469

9 11 2010

I was ten when “Spider-Man” hit theaters and suddenly made the comic book movie cool again.  Suddenly, every comic book was getting a movie adaptation and making hundreds of millions of dollars.  Running almost concurrently was the explosion of the video game movie, making significantly less money but still came pointless adaptations of games clearly not meant for the silver screen.

Now that the video game movies are starting to die down again (at least until the “Halo” movie finally gets off the ground), Hollywood needs a new novelty to adapt into movies.  They have strangely settled upon board games.  I was OK with “Battleship,” skeptical when the “Candy Land” movie was announced, and genuinely worried when the Ouija Board was getting the cinematic treatment.  But today, the movie industry officially crossed the line.

According to /Film, a movie based on the Rubik’s cube – you heard me, the Rubik’s Cube! – is being developed.  Talk about a cinematic low point.  How on earth does something like this get financed?

“We’re going to pass on the probing adult drama and go with the Rubik’s cube,” says the studio executive with the power of the purse.  So bored with proposition after proposition, he glances at his desk and decides to finance a movie based on the first object he sees.  Coming in 2014: “Roladex, The Movie” and “Inside Newton’s Cradle” battling out “Paranormal Activity 6” for #1 at the box office.

(P.S. – Today’s post is one the first in over a month that I have published on time.  Phew, it feels good to be caught up.)