Random Factoid #307

31 05 2010

Concession prices too expensive?  This article from the Los Angeles Times, which I had bookmarked back in March, may make you want to steer away from the stand for an entirely different reason.

…Health experts can’t blame every asthma attack on the mountainous portions of gooey popcorn, candy and licorice sticks that populate theater concession stands, but ask any parent — wouldn’t it be nice if it was just as easy to buy your kid a fruit cup, veggies with dip, yogurt, granola bars or air-popped popcorn? Those are just some of the alternatives Lynton was suggesting to exhibitors that could at least have the same prominent shelf space as the Hershey’s bars that often appear as big as a surfboard.

“Sometimes you just have to state the obvious,” [Sony Pictures Entertainment chairman Michael Lynton] told me. “When you go to a mall, you can go pretty much everywhere and get healthy food — except at a movie theater. I’m not trying to dictate anyone’s behavior. I’m simply saying that exhibitors should offer people a choice.”

Lynton cites the results of a poll Sony commissioned as backup. The results were striking: 42% of parents interviewed at theater locations around the country said they would buy concessions more often if healthier choices were available, and 60% of parents said that healthier snacks would enhance their overall moviegoing experience. I know, I know….

I dom’t even want to think about how bad theater popcorn is for you.  All that salt and butter they pile on top … not to mention all the candy they have out (which I often fall prey to, mainly Buncha Crunch).

For a while, my mom used to pack some good munchies in her purse.  Now, she really doesn’t.  And as an independent/social moviegoer, I find that the best way to beat the calories and prices at the concession stand is to bring gum.

Random Factoid #152 / Shameless Advertisement #7

27 12 2009

I usually don’t eat popcorn unless I am at the movies.  I feel like eating it at home makes it feel a little less special when I munch on it at the theater.

When I do eat at home, I usually don’t have a preference of brand.  My mom buys Pop Secret, and I taste very little to distinguish it from any other brand of popcorn.

However, after seeing this commercial tonight, they are officially my favorite brand forever.

Random Factoid #143

18 12 2009

You know what I hate?

Well, actually, if you read my factoids frequently, you know a lot of things that I hate.  In fact, I probably talk about what I hate more than I talk about what I love.  Why is that?  Probably because its more entertaining to listen to me talking about what I hate…

But anyways, things I hate #24601:

Theaters with no leg room.  I went to see “Avatar” in IMAX today, and they packed in so many rows that there is so room between them.  I had my friend wait in line while I went to go get some Buncha Crunch and popcorn, all the while with the need to use the restroom.  During my seven centuries waiting for the line to move, he managed to get in the theater to get us seats.  I couldn’t relieve myself toting around a bag of popcorn, so I had to go into the theater, deposit the goods, and squeeze back out.

But there was a slight problem with the plan.  My friend had plopped down two seats away from a very large man who, in order for me to get by, had to stand up and scoot back.  As soon as I sat down with the food, I knew I would feel bad having to make him get up two more times.  Yet at the same time, I could not sit through a 2 hour and 40 minute movie holding my bladder.

I had to awkwardly inch past the man two times.  I felt so bad making him get up, and I walked down the aisle muttering some idiotic combination of, “So sorry…excuse me.”

And to think, it could have all been avoided with a little leg room.