Random Factoid #125

30 11 2009

Something about 25 being a factor of 100 made me want to make this the factoid to start a new trend: whenever I can, I will include pictures with factoids to make them more visually appealing.  Sound good?  Let me know “yay” or “nay” in the comments.

So, without further ado, today’s factoid:

I love this irony.  The only time my ID was ever checked before going into an R-rated movie was 5 days before I turned 17.  That was to see “Paranormal Activity,” for those of you wondering what movie it was.

Random Factoid #11

8 08 2009

I hate watching unrated cuts of movies.  I always want to see the theatrical cut because after seeing “Bruno,” I found out that anything can get an R-rating.  The director could include practically whatever he wanted, but there is a reason that he did not include it in the version that the masses go see.  So I figure that the rated version, while tamer, is probably what the director wanted you to see.

Random Factoid #5

2 08 2009

My parents were very protective of the movies I saw, and I will always remember the first PG-13 and R movies that I ever saw.

The first PG-13 movie I saw was “Ever After: A Cinderella Story.” It was shown to me by a babysitter who now runs her own stationery line.

The first PG-13 movie I saw in theaters was “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde.” I got to see it as a reward for my days spent fighting off a viral pneumonia in the Monterrey County Hospital (that’s right, I got pneumonia while vacationing in Pebble Beach).

The first R movie I saw was “Crimson Tide.” My dad started watching it on Encore when I was in the room, and he let me watch it with him.

The first R movie I saw in theaters was “Flags of our Fathers.” The only reason that I was allowed to see it was because I had read the book for a school assignment.