Random Factoid #41

7 09 2009

In the second grade, I became interested in the box office grosses of movies.  I began keeping a notebook that recorded the top 12 movies at the box office each weekend, beginning the weekend of August 18, 2000.  I didn’t remember the exact date, but I recall writing in the opening weekend take for “The Original Kings of Comedy,” which the Internet told me opened on that day.  I think it stopped towards the end of 2001, but my last distinct memory of logging anything in the book was April 1, 2001, when I hurriedly jotted down the gross of “Spy Kids” on its opening weekend as I dashed out the door to go see it myself.

Random Factoid #18

15 08 2009

I was always big into having imaginary friends when I was younger, mostly from movie characters.  The only specific ones I remember are the last ones I had, Carmen and Juni from “Spy Kids.”