Random Factoid #224

9 03 2010

I have been playing an Oscars “game,” if you will, on the iPhone app The Envelope for several weeks now.

And now that the Oscars have come to an end, the results have come out.

Be proud of your friendly neighborhood blogger, who managed to come in eighth out of over two thousand players – and better than all of the professional pundits!

Random Factoid #194

7 02 2010

The Los Angeles Times, you are simply amazing!  Literally, you are taking fanning the flames of my obsession to a whole new level and I love it!

It’s like the stock market, except you put your money on Oscar candidates!  It’s so much fun to play the strategy game, especially knowing that you aren’t losing any real money.  I’m putting big money on potential underdogs (such as “Inglourious Basterds” in Best Picture and “The Hurt Locker” in Best Screenplay) and significantly less on the locked winners (such as Mo’Nique).

I just downloaded this today, and it is already the most fun app I have on my iPhone.  Search “The Envelope” and download the one from the Los Angeles Times.  Even if you aren’t as obsessed as I am, it’s still a good time.