REVIEW: The Final Destination

8 08 2010

It’s not easy to make death laughable, but “The Final Destination” does it with ease.  Never has death been so fun or bizarrely hilarious.  The movie doesn’t deliver on horror or thrills, largely because we know the end result: everyone is going to die, and the fact that the set-ups are so ridiculous doesn’t help to build any suspense.

The movie is another glorious entry into the “so bad it’s good” collection, all because it can successfully make entertainment out of the morbid.  I’m not sure if they intended it to be so comedic, but it’s not like these people are dying of heart attacks or cancer.  They die from being sucked into the bottom of a pool and being nailed by a rock ejected from a lawnmower. These are bloody, gruesome deaths being displayed in front of our eyes for amusement, which is actually kind of sick.  It’s able to bring out the sadist in all of us, a fairly impressive feat.

The deaths keep coming and coming for 75 minutes, which is probably what you want if you decided to watch “The Final Destination.”  You might be better off watching one of the first three entries in the series, which apparently have a little more originality on top of the predictable plot.  But if you’re looking for shameless, unabashed joy in watching people die and nothing else, the plotless fourth installment is the best bet.  C /

Random Factoid #21

18 08 2009

I hate horror movies.  I hate them not just because they are stupid but because I hate to be scared.  I remember that the first horror movie I watched was “The Grudge.”  I thought it would be really cool on Halloween in eighth grade to watch my first horror movie in the dark to add eeriness, and I wasn’t scared by the movie at all.  It was rated PG-13, so it wasn’t the ultimate in scary movies.  But I plan on facing my fear and going to “The Final Destination” in 3D.  Hopefully that will do what “The Grudge” couldn’t.