Blogathon Alert: And you think I’m celebrating Nolan…

15 07 2010

Well, I’ve done it.  I have reviewed each and every one of Christopher Nolan’s movies leading up to “Inception,” which hits theaters in about 10 hours.  Rewatching and revisiting all the movies have reminded me of how truly visionary he is.

But as far as celebrations go, I have done nowhere near as much as Bryce over at “Things That Don’t Suck.”  He has put together a massive blogathon, compiling all sorts of reviews and features on Nolan and his movies.  It’s truly incredible to see all the great stuff that has been written, and trust me, there’s no dearth of it.  So click on the banner below to see not only everyone else’s work, but Brice’s own reviews and opinions on Nolan.

It’s time to get our minds blown, folks.