Random Factoid #341

4 07 2010

A last second e-mail over a week ago has turned into a contribution on a blog post, so I thought it might make a good factoid.

Right before I left for Wilderness, I got an e-mail from Frank Mengarelli, the “Pompous Film Snob,” asking me what my favorite trailer ever was.  I instantly replied because I knew my answer, but on the way to the airport, I saw his reply asking for a bit of a write-up.  I scribbled down some rationale for my choice, and while I was gone, he ran the favorites.

It’s some of my favorite bloggers who contributed, so the whole post is worth checking out.  Here’s what I wrote about my favorite trailer ever, the teaser for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

I love the teaser for “Benjamin Button” because it perfectly captures the magic of the movie.  It shows the aging process without ruining anything except the breathtaking cinematography.  The “Carnival of the Animals” playing in the background only adds to the sense of wonder.  I hadn’t even heard of the movie when I first saw the trailer, and it absolutely knocked me off my feet.

Coming in at a close second is probably the “Up in the Air” teaser.

What To Look Forward To: “Up in the Air”

10 09 2009

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist posting this before my November preview (coming soon to a blog near you).  I am eagerly anticipating “Up in the Air,” the latest film from Jason Reitman, director of “Juno” and “Thank You for Smoking.”  (Does the last name sound familiar?  He is the son of Ivan Reitman, director of “Stripes” and “Ghostbusters.”)  “Up in the Air” looks to be more like the latter.  It premiered this week at the Telluride Film Festival and has garnered heaps of praise, most of it centered around Reitman and its star, George Clooney.  The Oscar-winning actor plays Ryan Bingham, a man who flies around the country firing people for a living.

But you know what’s great?  I didn’t know any of that from watching the trailer but rather from my excessive blog reading.  The trailer is impeccable, giving a taste of what to expect but never unveiling any significant plot details.  As the talk has increased about “Up in the Air,” I have slowly become more and more excited to see it.  But with the release of the trailer, I can hardly contain myself.  If it does not open in Houston on November 13, the opening day in limited release, I might scream.  It is schedule to open nationwide November 25, making for a good Thanksgiving one-two punch of this and “Nine.”

UPDATE: I just got some awful news.  “Up in the Air” will not be making its nationwide debut until Christmas Day.  It will open December 4 in limited release and expand some on December 11.  It has to open on December 4th in Houston.  It has to.

What to Look Forward To: “Inception”

25 08 2009

I won’t normally do this, but I just have to now.  At the moment, “Inception” is my most anticipated movie of 2010.  It is Christopher Nolan’s first movie since he lit the world on fire with “The Dark Knight,” which he directed and wrote.  He has gathered a superb cast for the project, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, and Michael Caine. He has kept the plot of his latest outing shrouded in secrecy … until today, when a very detailed plot summary was released.  I beg you, PLEASE DO NOT LET ME READ THEM!  And if you tell me, I will unleash my wrath on you.  I cannot accurately put into words my euphoria for the release of this movie.  I do not want it to be tainted by knowing the intricacies of the plot before I step into the movie theater!  Yes, I am using exclamation points because I really do feel that strongly!  Watch the teaser trailer that played before “Inglourious Basterds” below … the best since “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” It sets up the movie perfectly and without giving away anything about the plot.