Random Factoid #329

22 06 2010

Today, I went to the San Diego Zoo.  I saw all sorts of pandas, koalas, and polar bears.  But what I really couldn’t get off my mind was “Anchorman.”

Anyone who has seen Will Ferrell’s comedic gem knows that the climactic moments take place at the San Diego Zoo.  Ron Burgundy has relapsed into drunkenness until the love of his life, Veronica Corningstone is in danger at the zoo.  She is doing a report and winds up in the bear cages.

So naturally, when we passed the bear cages, I couldn’t help but wonder if Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carell had filmed in them.  I’m sure they probably used some sound stage for the trained bears, but I can imagine, can’t I?

On a closing note, stay classy, San Diego.