Random Factoid #404

5 09 2010

Somehow at a dinner conversation tonight, the topic of VHS tapes came about, and I was forced to retrieve the tape of “The Sound of Music” to prove my point.  I opened up the secluded cabinet where the VHS tapes have always been in my house and was absolutely stunned to see the volume of tapes we still own.

Technology is very temporal, and I understand that.  There was the LaserDisc and the BetaMax before the VHS, and you don’t see those being sold at your local Best Buy any more.  As the times have changed, people have adapted.  They might still have their library of LaserDiscs, but chances are they have bought into VHS tapes … and then DVDs … and perhaps now Blu-Ray discs (although my money is on a digital library).  Eventually, novelty becomes necessity, and we look back and see all the money we spent on the technology that has gone the way of the dinosaur.

I looked into that cabinet tonight and saw upwards of 30 VHS tapes that haven’t been watched in well over half a decade.  My family hasn’t owned a VHS player in at least three years, so we haven’t been able to watch them.  But I looked into that cabinet and saw the movies that defined my childhood because VHS was the technology that made moviewatching possible when I was younger. It’s kind of sad to see all those movies sitting there that simply can’t be watched.  I feel like Andy in “Toy Story 3” right now; I can’t just throw them away, can I?

Does anyone else still have their VHS tapes?  If yes, do you still have a VHS player to watch them with?

P.S. – If the “Random Factoid” series wasn’t so rigidly set in terms of titles, I would have called this post “Requiem for a VCR.”

Random Factoid #222

7 03 2010

It’s today!  Here’s hoping for some upsets … I don’t like predictable shows.

My little fun factoid for the day is that whenever I was 9 years old, I recorded the Oscar broadcast on VHS (what’s that, ask the young ones out there?  Go ask your search engine!) and watched it repeatedly.  I was smitten with such presenters as Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon that I even went to such lengths as transcribing their introductions WORD BY WORD, painstakingly rewinding and fast forwarding.

Yeah, it was bad back then.  It still is.

Random Factoid #74

10 10 2009

The first DVD I ever owned was a Pokémon episode given to me in late 1999.  The new computer my family had just purchased was pretty cutting-edge and included a DVD player.  We were still a VHS family then, but someone gave me a Pokémon DVD to give the new technology a whirl.  The first actual movie on DVD I ever owned was “Fantasia 2000,” my first grade obsession.  It was given to me as a Christmas present in 2000.