Random Factoid #518

28 12 2010

I’m a movie ticket collector, not a stamp collector.  But I must say, given this announcement, I may take up the incredibly common pastime.  (Not likely, but I just like saying that.)

The USPS announced today that in 2011, they will issue Pixar-themed stamps!  There will be 5 stamps in the collection from the “Toy Story” movies, “Cars,” “Ratatouille,” “Wall-E,” and “Up.”  I’ll probably run out and buy a bunch next year and forever make my letters festive, but I have to hesitate some since postage is always going up!

I’m ecstatic that these stamps are going to be arriving on my mail next year!  It makes me excited to receive snail mail.  But I do have to point this out – where is “Monsters Inc.” among the stamps?  It’s a lot better than most of the movies that made the stamps!