Random Factoid #383

15 08 2010

Yesterday, I went to my first wedding in well over a decade.  That being said, I don’t really remember much, if anything, about those holy matrimonies.  If I recall correctly, I was a ringbearer at one of my aunt’s weddings…

But while at the ceremony, I felt like I had been going to them my whole life.  As I thought about it more clearly, a thought hit me – I had been going to weddings, just at the movies!  They are a dime a dozen at the cinema nowadays, the blessed sacrament so commonplace that we rarely stop to think about the importance of it.

Really, everything I know about weddings comes from the movies.  Is it a horrible fault when all we know about something comes from a movie?  I’ve learned plenty from cinema – how to make up after cold feet (“Up in the Air”), how to be a good bridesmaid (“27 Dresses”), how to be a good father of the bride (“Father of the Bride”), how to deal with bridezillas (“Bride Wars”), how to break up a wedding (“The Graduate”), how to shine all the attention away from the bride (“Rachel Getting Married”), and how to fit in at any wedding (“Wedding Crashers”).  And that’s just a fraction of what I could say.

Are there any fields of knowledge wonderfully filled in by movies for you?

P.S. – Life’s better with company.

Random Factoid #379

11 08 2010

In my first post, I talked a little bit about obsesssion:

I love movies, but I don’t want everyone who reads this to become as big of a movie lover as I do.  Then I will have manufactured a society of obsessive movie fanatics, and as fun as it would be to have people that I could really relate to, I don’t know if I would wish my level of infatuation with movies on anyone else.

I’m always interested in seeing how other people are obsessed with movies too.  I can’t find it now, but I remember reading about a woman who saw the movie “Walk the Line” over 70 times.  Now that’s dedication!  And thanks to a link on Cinematical today, I found other people who aren’t afraid to show their obsession – at a wedding, no less!

The author of the post seems to deplore their “Up”-themed wedding, but I totally dig it!  Not even kidding, I would actually have a wedding like this because it’s simple, tasteful, and not to mention absolutely adorable.  It’s not over-the-top obsessed, but they aren’t afraid to show their influence.  Compared to some of those awful weddings alluded to in “27 Dresses,” this is not bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Here’s Lynette, the bride, on the wedding:

We wanted the wedding to be unique, personal, intimate and beautiful which it turned out to be all of those things! We wanted every aspect to represent “us” from the handmade save the dates and invitations to the picnic blankets and baskets we used in lieu of chairs at the ceremony. We had one of our best friends perform the ceremony which meant so much to us. It was so special saying our own self written vows and “crossing our hearts” to love each other rather than saying “I do”.

According to The Wedding Chicks, “Lynnette and Jame’s wedding was loosely based on our favorite Pixar movie ‘Up!’ Some fun items that they included was picnic baskets, grape soda, a painted mailbox and a few balloons!”  I surely hope that they find the same kind of love that Carl and Ellie had for each other.  Check out some other great wedding photos below!