Random Factoid #335

28 06 2010

I was flipping through the channels two weeks ago, and something interesting caught my eye.

“In the Bedroom,” a very heavy and dark drama that was nominated for Best Picture in 2001, was the primetime movie on the CW.  Yes, the same channel that gives the world such serious fare as “Gossip Girl” and “90210.”  It seemed a strange movie for them to show because it something that totally does not connect with their usual target audience.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather them be showing a Best Picture nominee than some horrific romantic comedy from the early 2000s.  It was just … odd.

So it got me to thinking, what is the ideal TV movie?  What’s the movie that I would stop and watch no matter what I’m doing?

I’m so tempted to give it to either “Baby Mama” or “The Dark Knight,” the two movies that are seemingly always on HBO/Cinemax.  They always provide me entertainment, and I end up watching both of them quite a bit.  But I think it’s a little too early to crown them king.

I’d have to say that I will always stop and watch “You’ve Got Mail,” no matter what I am doing.  It’s sweet, charming, and full of laughs.  It has a heart of gold, and I think it may still make my mom cry (don’t quote me on that, though).  I’ve seen it about a million times, and it has yet to get old.

I can probably recite the whole movie to you if you asked politely.  About once a week, I will say “thank yours” instead of “thank you.”  Every time I hear the word caviar, I say to myself, “That caviar is a GARNISH!”  If I hear of someone named Rose, I think, “Rose – that is a great name.”  (These are jokes you would only get if you have seen the movie.)

So what’s that movie that can always make you drop everything and watch?