Random Factoid #68

4 10 2009

3D glasses

3D glasses hurt my eyes.  I think its cool to watch a movie in 3D, but I have to take off the glasses every 20 minutes or so and rub my eyes.  Every once in a while, they will even give me a headache.

I sound like an old man with my health problems, I know.  But I actually have 20/20 vision according to my doctor, so there’s nothing wrong with my eyes.

Do you feel the same way?  Do the 3D glasses bring some unintended side effects of moviewatching?  Did they cause a particularly painful experience for you?  Or am I just a lone wolf here?  COMMENT and let me know!

(NOTE: This post was inspired by a feature I saw on Entertainment Weekly today.  It’s only a few short paragraphs long, so take the time to read it.  WordPress gives me the powers of Big Brother when it comes to monitoring your activity on this site, so I can see if you clicked it or not.  Please do.  I even went to the trouble of putting a picture on the factoid…that’s something I haven’t done since #15, if I recall correctly.)



3 responses

5 10 2009

I find that they are uncomfortable like on the side of your head, with them being so straight.

I think the ones that they were wearing at the 3D movie in “The Final Destination” looked more comfortable than those we have to use in the UK.

5 10 2009

Thank you for heeding my call to comment, Caz!

When I went to the “Avatar” sneak preview, they gave us 3D glasses that fit like a scuba mask. I felt a lot less lightheaded wearing those, and they were quite a bit more comfortable.

I wear sunglasses exactly like the Real D 3D glasses though, so I don’t know why I complain…

7 10 2009
James D.

I can’t stand them. The last 3D movie I saw was Beowulf, and I took them off after twenty minutes and watched the blurry screen. I will stick to 2D from now on.

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