Random Factoid #160

4 01 2010

While browsing the Entertainment Weekly website yesterday, I came across a picture (above) from a photoshoot with “Up in the Air” stars George Clooney, Anna Kendrick, and Vera Farmiga.

The caption of the photo reads:

What do the jet-setting cast members of Up in the Air do first when they check into a hotel room? ”I look at the view,” says Vera Farmiga. Adds George Clooney: ”I check out the channels on the TV.” As for Anna Kendrick? ”I’m probably a bed-tester. I want to know if it’s going to be a good bed. That’s the only thing that matters in a hotel.”

This inspired a factoid!  So, what do I do whenever I check into a hotel room?

I instantly run to the TV and check what in-room movies are available.

Random Factoid #72

8 10 2009

Let me preface by saying that I took the idea for today’s factoid from a post by EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum on her blog.  In the post, she debates the big screen experience.  Does the theater experience add anything to a movie like “Frost/Nixon” in theaters, which will be watched in almost complete silence?  Does the quality of a movie make it more watchable on the silver screen?

The post has inspired a feature (add one to a growing list which will be written as soon as I am finished with my show), but rather than debate here, I merely wish to state the facts.  The only movie I feel that I have to see in theaters is a musical.  They are clearly designed to emulate the full immersion of live theater, and watching a musical on a TV screen or a computer seems to be cheating the experience.  “Dreamgirls” would be a different movie to watch now if I hadn’t seen it on Christmas Day and given Jennifer Hudson a standing ovation.

Random Factoid #68

4 10 2009

3D glasses

3D glasses hurt my eyes.  I think its cool to watch a movie in 3D, but I have to take off the glasses every 20 minutes or so and rub my eyes.  Every once in a while, they will even give me a headache.

I sound like an old man with my health problems, I know.  But I actually have 20/20 vision according to my doctor, so there’s nothing wrong with my eyes.

Do you feel the same way?  Do the 3D glasses bring some unintended side effects of moviewatching?  Did they cause a particularly painful experience for you?  Or am I just a lone wolf here?  COMMENT and let me know!

(NOTE: This post was inspired by a feature I saw on Entertainment Weekly today.  It’s only a few short paragraphs long, so take the time to read it.  WordPress gives me the powers of Big Brother when it comes to monitoring your activity on this site, so I can see if you clicked it or not.  Please do.  I even went to the trouble of putting a picture on the factoid…that’s something I haven’t done since #15, if I recall correctly.)

Random Factoid #49

15 09 2009

My subscription to Entertainment Weekly began in July 2003 when my family became members of Blockbuster Video.  They extended a free trial, and I loved looking at it so much that my mom began paying for a subscription.  I often saved them and cut pictures of movies out of them.  I stored the cut-outs in an old Nike shoebox.  On occasion, I would take similarly themed clippings and put them together in a collage which hung on my wall.  I recall creating a Star Wars, Walk the Line, and a Reese Witherspoon collage, who was then my favorite Hollywood star to drool over.