Random Factoid #124

29 11 2009

If you haven’t gotten to laugh at something pathetic today, this factoid will give it to you.

I lay out the tickets in my collection in a grid format.  The normal sized tickets lay six in a row.  Going into the summer of 2005, I had 5 tickets on the last row on a page.  We were headed to an AMC theater to check out the new “Star Wars” movie, but this was bad news for me.  I knew I had to convince my family to use the auto-ticket machine, or there would be a big empty space on my page.  When we walked in the theater, there was no line at the normal kiosk.  I started with casual suggestions but then turned to begging.  It was to no avail.  If you ever look through my collection and notice a glaring blank space, this is its story.



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