Random Factoid #175

19 01 2010

Sometimes, when I get especially bored, I will leaf through my ticket collection to see how long ago I went to a movie at the same time as my most recent trip to the theater.  Sometimes it takes a while.  Matching 12:05 when I went to see “Up in the Air” a few weeks ago was especially tricky.

Random Factoid #156

31 12 2009

When I leaf through my 14-page ticket collection, I like to be able to read the stubs.  But often times, the ink fades to a point where it gets hard to discern the text.

In order to combat these disappearances, I often write over the words on the stubs in pen.

Tacky?  Probably.  Helpful?  Definitely.

Random Factoid #142

17 12 2009

I have alluded to the missing ticket from 2003 several times, so I figured this would be a good time for some clarification.

The ticket was for “Freaky Friday” on Saturday, September 20th (or possibly the 13th).  It was my third time to see the movie.  It was in theater 2, just like it was the second time I saw it.

But for some reason, the ticket was lost to me.  I don’t know how it got lost, or why it did, but the memory of its loss still bears heavy on my soul.  I can only pray that whatever landfill this ticket has found a permanent home in treats it with the dignity and respect that my sheet protectors would have given it.

Random Factoid #136

11 12 2009

I mentioned way back in Random Factoid #33 that the only ticket missing from my collection was “Hamlet 2” when they seized my stub in exchange for a refund.  But for a long time, that was not the case.

Usually as soon as the theater employee rips the tickets, I demand to put them in my pocket so they don’t get lost or thrown away.  Perhaps when I saw “Talladega Nights,” I did not have pockets because somehow my mom ended up with them.  When I tried to find them the next day, they were no where to be found.  After a search spanning several days, my efforts appeared futile.  Upset and in dismay, I could no longer say that I had not lost a ticket since July 2003.

Fast forward a year or so.  I’m at the pool and I need more sunscreen.  I go digging through my mom’s pool bag looking for it, and it appears to be nowhere to be found.  But by some stroke of fate, I happened to look in one of the interior pockets.  And lo and behold, there was the ticket that I had been missing.  It was better than discovering money.

Random Factoid #124

29 11 2009

If you haven’t gotten to laugh at something pathetic today, this factoid will give it to you.

I lay out the tickets in my collection in a grid format.  The normal sized tickets lay six in a row.  Going into the summer of 2005, I had 5 tickets on the last row on a page.  We were headed to an AMC theater to check out the new “Star Wars” movie, but this was bad news for me.  I knew I had to convince my family to use the auto-ticket machine, or there would be a big empty space on my page.  When we walked in the theater, there was no line at the normal kiosk.  I started with casual suggestions but then turned to begging.  It was to no avail.  If you ever look through my collection and notice a glaring blank space, this is its story.

Random Factoid #38

4 09 2009

Often times, I plan to go see movies that I think might be bad early in the morning so I don’t give the filmmakers the extra money from an evening ticket.  I feel less guilty that way.  The only way I would take my brother to “G.I. Joe” was if we went before noon to take advantage of AMC’s $5 tickets.