Oscar Moment: “The Blind Side”

2 01 2010

How do you solve a problem like “The Blind Side?”

Today, the crowd-pleasing movie crossed $200 million at the box office.  This is a number that cannot be ignored – people love this movie.  Only 17% of its take has come from opening weekend, a towering statistic which shows that the movie has survived on repeat business and word of mouth.  The movie has inspired and excited Americans, and the buzz even led to a full-hour special on “20/20” last night.  So, we have to wonder, is this a dark horse Best Picture candidate?

The movie could be buoyed to the top by Sandra Bullock.  Her year, which also included the smash hit “The Proposal,” has earned her attention and raves.  Her performance in “The Blind Side” has brought nominations from major groups such as the Golden Globes (who also cited her for “The Proposal” in comedy), the Broadcast Film Critics Association, and the Screen Actors Guild.  But is Bullock enough?

The movie stands at a decent 72% on Rotten Tomatoes, but there is a wide discrepancy between top critics (58%) and average moviegoers (93%).  Critics don’t decided a movie’s awards success; however, they do have a very large impact.  The critical champions of “The Blind Side” don’t seem to be incredibly passionate or fervent about it.  In fact, most of them that do like it simply cite that it made them feel good and not much else.

Here’s where it gets tough: trying to decipher voter mentality.  It’s hard to tell what the Oscar voters are thinking about their ballots this year.  We haven’t seen a year with ten Best Picture nominees in decades, so no one can be sure what to expect.  Are we looking at one of the most unconventional lineups in memory?  Or are we just going to be getting the same humdrum Oscar bait movies filling out the field?

If the voters want to choose something that made them feel good, “The Blind Side” might find their way onto some ballots.  I might not have been as inspired as some, but what better testament to the power of cinema is there than a film that has the ability to move you?  In addition, if the voters want to dispel accusations that their selections are pretentious and removed from the general feeling of the American populace in general, “The Blind Side” might seem a natural beneficiary.  It is a movie that shows how far a random act of kindness can go, and Americans love these heartwarming stories.





2 responses

2 01 2010

I love this movie, and seeing Sandra with blonde hair… that was new, very classy.. I love her…

3 01 2010
Encore Entertainment

i hate this movie. I Hate This Movie. I HATE THIS MOVIE SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! Ugh.

PS. Happy New Year 🙂

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