Random Factoid #191

4 02 2010

I feel like a dinosaur writing this, but I remember whenever there were no such things as “fan pages” on Facebook.  More than that, I remember whenever fan pages were only for celebrities and TV shows and the like.

Now, everyone is becoming a fan of vague ideas and statements.  I’m sorry, but I refuse to become a fan of “flipping over the pillow to get to the cold side.”  I’ll smirk at seeing other people join it, but why would I waste my time joining it?

Anyways, I limit my fan pages.  Right now, I’m at a healthy 18 (I have friends with well over 500).  Of course, I am a fan of things related to movies – why else would I write about it here?  I am a fan of “Up in the Air,” “The Dark Knight,” and Gabourey Sidibe.



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