Making it FBO*

21 09 2010

* FBO stands for “Facebook official,” a nice tidbit for those not entirely up-to-date on Internet slang.

I created my Facebook fan page back on my first anniversary about two months ago, but I haven’t really been using it for much.  It’s been a nice gesture to “like” my site on the social network, but I haven’t done much to make it worth the few milliseconds it took of your life to click “like.”

That changes TODAY.  I am introducing my first Facebook-exclusive feature, the Throwback Tuesday (a phrase borrowed from some blogger who should step up and claim credit for it).  On Tuesdays, I will repost my reviews of movies being released on DVD that day, provided that I have in fact seen something being released that day.

I’ll probably introduce more features to be Facebook only, but for now, I’m sticking with this.  So if you aren’t a fan of me on Facebook yet, you should do so now.  I’ll even provide a convenient link in the picture below.

And while I’m still on the topic of social networking, I have added integration to Facebook at the bottom of each post.  So if  you really feel compelled by something you read here, feel free to click the icon and share it with your friends!  Simple enough, right?

Random Factoid #396

28 08 2010

How’s this for an exciting proposition?  This according to Cinematical

Would you go out to the movies more if you got something out of it? I mean other than the movie, of course. Say you also got a free Scott Pilgrim t-shirt for seeing “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World?” Or the complete graphic novel collection if you saw it a certain number of times? Or some other Universal Studios-related swag for seeing Pilgrim and “Charlie St. Cloud” and “Nanny McPhee Returns?” These are some incentive ideas related to a proposal by (former Cinematical writer) Chris Thilk at Ad Age that Hollywood studios reward moviegoers based on their check-ins on location-based social network apps like Miso and GetGlue. And of course Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook.

It’s an interesting suggestion, though there is the problem of fake check ins. You can easily put yourself into a location you’re not in or say you’re watching a movie you’re not. For studios to trust the concept, these apps would require some means to prove you’re telling the truth.

I am a huge fan of this idea because it rewards me for doing two things I do very normally – social network and go to the movies.  I don’t movie hop or watch pirated movies because I respect filmmakers, and I wouldn’t use the system to cheat the studios.  I’d treat it like I treat the Regal Crown Club or AMC MovieWatcher programs.

My suggestion: perhaps to verify that the people actually see the movies, they could put a code in the pre-show entertainment or on the theater door that would allow them to be checked in.  Or maybe in the ending credits to make sure that they stay the whole movie.

What do you think, bloggers?  I expect a resounding yes because we all go to the movies so often.

Random Factoid #372

4 08 2010

Today’s 31BBBB (courtesy of Anomalous Material) assignment was to promote a blog post.  But rather than promote a blog post, I’m just going to promote my whole site.  I launched a Facebook fan page a week ago, and I was planning on plugging it with a giant post.  Unfortunately, I haven’t written that post yet, and I really can’t wait any longer to promote it.

So click on the link below to be taken to my Facebook page.  Become a fan and get updates as I deem them appropriate!  (I’m still working on setting up the mechanics of the thing, but be patient please because I’m working on it.)

And speaking of Facebook, please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t wait for “The Social Network” to come out?  I’m OBSESSED with the new trailer; I listen to the cover of “Creep” all the time now.

Shameless Advertisement #16 – The Other Premiere

28 07 2010

Want to know a way to really make me happy on my “blogoversary?”  Go on Facebook and vote for my hometown, Houston, Texas, to get THE OTHER PREMIERE.

What exactly is THE OTHER PREMIERE?  And why is it important enough to get all caps?  Well, the movie “The Other Guys” is holding a second premiere on August 3.  That city is selected by a Facebook contest where the cities with the highest votes move on.  Houston has made it to the top 5 with Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, and St. Louis!

And now it’s crunch time.  I would seriously love to have this great event in Houston, mainly because Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg will be in attendance.  So do me a favor, all Houstonians and fans of this blog – get on your Facebook account and vote for Houston!

So click on either the link in the picture, the links all over this post, or the link below, if you are the kind of person that likes to see the URL:

You can vote once per day, so remember to go back and vote!  Thanks for your time … and GO HOUSTON!

Random Factoid #258

12 04 2010

Recently, I’ve been reading quite a bit on how to better reach people with my blog.  A constant suggestion is the use of social networking.

But here’s my thing: I hate Twitter and I will NEVER get one.  Ever.

Anyone who knows me or reads me is surely aware that I am a massive Facebook-er.  So why am I so opposed to Twitter?  Here’s my reason.

My least favorite part of Facebook is the status update.  I’m sorry, but I don’t want to know what you are doing at all times of the day.  If I do, I will go look at your profile.  So why on earth would I want to commit to Twitter, which is basically ONLY status updates.  Unless you are Jason Reitman, who fascinates me, I don’t want to know every little thought that pops into your head.

So, I will never get a personal (or blogging) Twitter.  You will NEVER catch me Tweeting.

Random Factoid #212

25 02 2010

Some friends and I who share a common obsession with the movie “(500) Days of Summer” have been messing around on Facebook, setting our profile pictures to the movie’s characters.  Tom and Summer are covered – but not by me.  Who am I, then?

Rhoda, the greeting-card worker who is seen trying to roll out a new line of cards with her cat, Pickles.  She is an obscure character, but I remembered her.  Mainly it was because I actually felt bad for her because there she was, just trying to unveil a cute and sweet new line of cards with her cat who she probably loves dearly.  Then depressed Tom comes along and just decides to tear her down while he is feeling especially horrific.  Her response is a simple frown, and I just wanted to go and give her a hug.

(In case you don’t remember her, this should jostle your memory.)

Random Factoid #191

4 02 2010

I feel like a dinosaur writing this, but I remember whenever there were no such things as “fan pages” on Facebook.  More than that, I remember whenever fan pages were only for celebrities and TV shows and the like.

Now, everyone is becoming a fan of vague ideas and statements.  I’m sorry, but I refuse to become a fan of “flipping over the pillow to get to the cold side.”  I’ll smirk at seeing other people join it, but why would I waste my time joining it?

Anyways, I limit my fan pages.  Right now, I’m at a healthy 18 (I have friends with well over 500).  Of course, I am a fan of things related to movies – why else would I write about it here?  I am a fan of “Up in the Air,” “The Dark Knight,” and Gabourey Sidibe.

Random Factoid #130

5 12 2009

I don’t know how many of you use Facebook, but there is an app on Facebook called Social Interview that allows you to answer random questions about a person and then post it to their walls.  Here are some of the most recent question/answer pairs I have received:

Q: What was your first impression of Marshall?

A: Man, this guy really likes movies.

Q: What will Marshall be doing in ten years?

A: Reviewing movies.

Glad to know they get me.

Random Factoid #76

12 10 2009

In the promotional campaign for the movie “Step Brothers,” most of the advertising featured Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in tacky family portrait photos in argyle sweater vests.  At a promotional screening for the movie, I was selected to participate in a trivia contest for prizes.  My question was … drumroll …

“What is Will Ferrell’s best Christmas movie?”

If you can’t answer that one, you need to spend more time at the movie theater.  I answered it correctly and won a “Step Brothers” T-shirt with argyle sweater print on the front.  I wear it around proudly much to my parent’s dismay.  It was even in my Facebook profile picture for a while.