Shameless Advertisement #11 – April

1 04 2010

Welcome to the first official month of spring AND the last month before summer movie season!

After the poll of what you were most looking forward to this month, there seemed to be a fair majority voting one way. Props to “Clash of the Titans,” “Date Night,” and “I Love You Philip Morris” for each collecting one vote.

But, you all clearly felt that the biggest attraction in April is …


In my April preview post, I wrote:

There seems to be a large cult fan base gathering around “Kick-Ass.” Sometimes that can be bad (“Snakes on a Plane”), and sometimes it works (“Cloverfield”). This seems to be a pretty entertaining premise: basically a send-up of “Watchmen” and ordinary people becoming superheroes. I think I’ll wait to get the audience’s take before I slap down some cash for this.

I’m still a tad skeptical about how this will turn out, but the buzz seems to be building. The premise has grown on me some, and it seems like a movie that I need to see in theaters. You know, so I can experience it with all those Internet geeks.

And if you are one of those folks who is counting the minutes until April 16th, my apologies. I’m waiting for tomorrow – “Clash of the Titans,” baby!



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