The Winner of April’s Comment Contest Is…

2 05 2010

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the culmination of the commenting contest!

Before I announce the winner, I wanted to thank everyone who helped make April a banner month for “Marshall and the Movies.”  I’ll show you pictures of some fantastic stats.

The daily stats started high and generally stayed pretty high, and this was the biggest month of viewership in “Marshall and the Movies” history!  Thanks everyone!

And as for the comments, which is what I was really trying to boost, there was also tremendous success!  Before April, there had been 355 comments left on the blog.  Last month alone, there were a whopping 160 comments!

All in all, April was a tremendous month, in large part to you, the reader.  Your comments motivated me to write some of what I believe is my best material yet, and I hope I have earned your readership in the months to come.

But now, for the capitalistic exercise of this blog: the incentive.  Hopefully, you commented because you wanted to help a poor blogger out, but I’m sure that couldn’t have been entirely it.  You obviously wanted the big prize: one of last year’s Best Picture nominees.

Who got it?  First, let me explain the process.

I wrote down all the comments (and bonus comments) on Post-It notes, folded them up, and put them inside of my “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” cup.  I figured it could serve as my goblet of fire, and I thought it was fitting to draw from something that I had mentioned in a previous factoid.

But now, the moment you have all been waiting for … the winner revealed.

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Shameless Advertisement #11 – April

1 04 2010

Welcome to the first official month of spring AND the last month before summer movie season!

After the poll of what you were most looking forward to this month, there seemed to be a fair majority voting one way. Props to “Clash of the Titans,” “Date Night,” and “I Love You Philip Morris” for each collecting one vote.

But, you all clearly felt that the biggest attraction in April is …

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