Random Factoid #254

8 04 2010

Where have all the sneak previews gone?

They were such a staple of my childhood – I remember seeing “Hercules,” “The Princess Diaries,” and “Freaky Friday” weeks before the general public.  Sure, I still manage to see movies early thanks to free screenings.  But there’s just not the same vibrant atmosphere, something I believe to be due largely in part to the fact that free screenings are filled with people who might have trouble affording movies.  Thus the crying babies and often lacking etiquette.

Anyone else care to lament with me?



2 responses

8 04 2010
Mad Hatter

I still get to see a sneak preview from time to time (THE BOX and BOOK OF ELI being recent examples), but what I miss is the sneak preview double-feature.

I can remember moons ago being able to see one movie a week early, and an usher saying “anyone who wants to can also stay to watch _______ for free”. Haven’t had one of those instances in a dog’s age.

11 04 2010

YES! I do miss the double feature! I think I remember “The Parent Trap”/”Mulan” back in ’98 … don’t think I stayed for “Mulan” though.

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