Random Factoid #254

8 04 2010

Where have all the sneak previews gone?

They were such a staple of my childhood – I remember seeing “Hercules,” “The Princess Diaries,” and “Freaky Friday” weeks before the general public.  Sure, I still manage to see movies early thanks to free screenings.  But there’s just not the same vibrant atmosphere, something I believe to be due largely in part to the fact that free screenings are filled with people who might have trouble affording movies.  Thus the crying babies and often lacking etiquette.

Anyone else care to lament with me?

Random Factoid #142

17 12 2009

I have alluded to the missing ticket from 2003 several times, so I figured this would be a good time for some clarification.

The ticket was for “Freaky Friday” on Saturday, September 20th (or possibly the 13th).  It was my third time to see the movie.  It was in theater 2, just like it was the second time I saw it.

But for some reason, the ticket was lost to me.  I don’t know how it got lost, or why it did, but the memory of its loss still bears heavy on my soul.  I can only pray that whatever landfill this ticket has found a permanent home in treats it with the dignity and respect that my sheet protectors would have given it.