Random Factoid #265

19 04 2010

I really hate these “chain letter” blog things.  So I’m not going to do it.*  So thanks a lot, Scott at “He Shot Cyrus” for tagging me in one.

* = I’m not going to do it like he says.  Basically, the instructions are to list 10 things about myself and movies.  Here’s the thing: I’ve already done 264 of those.  I call them “random factoids.”  So, in the interest of not being pretentious, I’ll “participate” in this.  Consider this the “greatest hits” album of my first 9 months.

Random Factoid #6

Random Factoid #15

Random Factoid #29

Random Factoid #32

Random Factoid #53

Random Factoid #61

Random Factoid #159

Random Factoid #248

Random Factoid #251

Random Factoid #258

For any readers who may not “know” me, I think these factoids give a pretty good overview of who I am and what I stand for.

And sorry, Scott, but I’m not down with the whole “tagging other blogger” thing.  Sorry for being a bit of a diva. Fine, I won’t be such a Carl Fredericksen.  I’ll list a few of my favorite bloggers and see if they do anything: M. Carter at the Movies, Where the Buffalo Roam, The McNeil Matinee, and The King Bulletin. (I think these are people who haven’t done this thing.)



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19 04 2010


20 04 2010
Mad Hatter

ditto on the “diva”
If you’re curious though, i posted mine last night on my blog’s facebook page.

20 04 2010

Wow, thanks for using “M. Carter @ the Movies” and the word “favorite” in the same phrase. It’s a banner day in my life when that happens.

I posted my humble list yesterday … even though these “memes” strike more as the blog version of e-mail forwards. Some of them are fun, though, and if it’s movie-related I kind of can’t not do it. Probably because I’m anal too.

Which is a kind word for what I am. 🙂

20 04 2010

I just hate doing these things because I’m so opposed to doing those personality quizzes on Facebook. Without continuity, I am nothing.

21 04 2010

Haha, I had to look up Carl Fredericksen. Good joke.
Thanks for being a good sport and participating.

He Shot Cyrus

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