Random Factoid #267

21 04 2010

This factoid is brought to you by Ross v Ross’ post “Which Movies Have You Not Been Able to Finish?”

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I will be revealing the movie(s) that I just couldn’t see through to the bitter end.  No matter how bad the movie, I virtually always finish it.  On just my fourth day of blogging I established that I had only walked out of two movies, “The Return” and “Bruno.”  I did not care to ever finish the former, but I actually rented the latter (from the library – so it was free!) and finished it out of curiosity.

But as for other movies, I only remember stopping a movie and never restarting it because I didn’t like it once.  That honor is reserved for “Ghost Rider,” starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes.  I’ve seen worse movies, and I’m not quite sure what motivated me to stop.  I think it could be some sort of an objection to having an incarnation of the Devil be the protagonist.

Any movies that you just couldn’t see through to the end?



5 responses

21 04 2010
Ross McG

ironic that you didnt return to uh, The Return
cheers for the linkage

21 04 2010

Ghost Rider could use a remake. Absolutely horrendous movie…

21 04 2010

Gone with the Wind. I lasted about 20 minutes.

22 04 2010

I WISH I had used enough logic to turn Ghostrider off, but I felt if I were to blast it across the web and warn people of it’s tragedy, I’d fairly have to conclude it.

A sequel is in the works. Insanity.

22 04 2010

“Zach and Miri Make a Porno.” Of course I was forced into watching it with a friend. O, and “Push.” That movie was painful as well.

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