Comment Contest Closure

3 05 2010

For those of you just dying to know, this was Ripley’s selection of the ten Best Picture nominees as their prize for winning the comment contest:

“A Serious Man.”  Probably my least favorite of the bunch, but to each his own.

And for those of you who want a visual on how many comments there were last month, take a look at this picture I forgot to post yesterday.

And the abbreviation for Comment Contest Closure is CCC, which is also an acronym for the Civilian Conservation Corps, which was FDR’s favorite New Deal agency because it gave jobs to young men.  Just have AP US History on the brain, and it seeps through even to here.



5 responses

3 05 2010
Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

Congrats to Ripley!

3 05 2010

Nice going Ripley you lucky S.O.B. !

3 05 2010

I had AP American History too and also took AP European History in high school. So I feel your pain, good luck on your AP exam this month!

3 05 2010

Congrats Ripley! I wanted to win this but I guess I didn’t leave enough comments 😦

3 05 2010

It’s all random … that’s what makes it exciting. I think Ripley had about a 1/82 chance of winning and you had about a 1/14 chance. It’s anybody’s game that way, and I think it encouraged people to comment who weren’t committed to writing something all the time (like I am to your blog).

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