Random Factoid #280

4 05 2010

I like to give my mind a challenge (why else would I take AP US History and study like crazy), and I love doing riddles and puzzles to bend it.  Sudoku, KenKen, word games – you name it, I love it.

But some of that stuff is HARD.  Ever tried one of those intense difficulty Sudoku puzzles?  You can spend an hour on them and think you are finished, then realize you made a mistake way back at the beginning.  I try my hand at the New York Times crossword puzzles occasionally thanks to my nifty iPhone app.  I can toil away and exhaust all my knowledge and not solve anything more than a Monday.

So sometimes I need something that can stimulate my brain yet also build up my self-esteem.

That’s when I turn to the trusty People crossword puzzles because they are fun to do and simple for anyone with a sizable pop culture knowledge.  I’ve gained such confidence in my abilities that I have begun to do them in pen, even once in a Sharpie.

I even buy there giant, $15 books filled with crossword puzzles at airports and Target.  They are both about half completed and sitting on my bookshelf.



One response

4 05 2010

Hey Marshall,
I’m hosting the My Best Post blog-a-thon.
It goes from May 21st-23rd. Want to be a part of it?
It’s pretty easy. You’ve already written your entry.
Just send me a link to your best/favorite/underrated blog post! Thanks!


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