Random Factoid #284

8 05 2010

Entertainment Weekly’s blog PopWatch asked an interesting question regarding trailers this week: how many is too many? Apparently, studios are paying to play more before the bigger movies.  I can tell you that six of them played before “Iron Man 2” last night.

I don’t mind a few trailers before a movie.  They give me an opportunity to go to the bathroom before the movie starts.  They give me a nice grace period to be tardy to the movie, although I don’t like to be.

But sometimes, they do go a little overboard.  Like the author of the EW post, I think four is a healthy number.  It still grants that grace period and gives you a glimpse at what’s coming up but doesn’t encroach too far past the scheduled start time.



2 responses

9 05 2010

I think 4 or 5 is the maximum people can take without it going overboard. What’s the point of showing so many trailers if we are going to completely forget 75% of them because of the information overload?

9 05 2010

I’m more worried about the 25% we do remember, which is often times sufficient enough to ruin an entire movie.

*cough* BROTHERS!

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