Random Factoid #284

8 05 2010

Entertainment Weekly’s blog PopWatch asked an interesting question regarding trailers this week: how many is too many? Apparently, studios are paying to play more before the bigger movies.  I can tell you that six of them played before “Iron Man 2” last night.

I don’t mind a few trailers before a movie.  They give me an opportunity to go to the bathroom before the movie starts.  They give me a nice grace period to be tardy to the movie, although I don’t like to be.

But sometimes, they do go a little overboard.  Like the author of the EW post, I think four is a healthy number.  It still grants that grace period and gives you a glimpse at what’s coming up but doesn’t encroach too far past the scheduled start time.

Random Factoid #48

14 09 2009

A few years ago, after having seen several movies that were ruined by their trailers, I went through a stretch where I would walk out of the theater or bury my head in my seat to avoid seeing anything about the movie.  Call me strange, but for anyone who saw the movie “Funny People,” doesn’t this trailer basically tell you the whole movie? (Sorry, no one on YouTube was kind enough to lend me an embeddable and unadulterated trailer.)

Because I’m really tired, you were spared my tirade on overly revealing trailers.  Lucky you.  But check out my other posts in which I am more than happy to feature trailers that are the polar opposite of that.