Random Factoid #298

22 05 2010

I’ve got a lot of soundtracks in my iTunes library, and I won’t try to hide it.  What I haven’t revealed yet is that I buy a whole lot of songs because I hear them in the trailer of a movie.  I’ll hear a tune and Google it to find out what the song is called.  Click, click, it’s in my library.

Here are some of the songs that are now proudly stored in Marshall’s iTunes library thanks to movie trailers.

“Help Yourself” by Sad Brad Smith, trailer for “Up in the Air”

“You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” by Beth Rowley, trailer for “An Education”

“Photograph” by Ringo Starr, trailer for “Funny People”

“The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins, trailer for “Watchmen”

“Wild is the Wind” by Nina Simone, trailer for “Revolutionary Road”

“Rock Me Sexy Jesus” by The Ralph Sall Experience, trailer for “Hamlet 2”

“Paper Planes” by M.I.A., trailer for “Pineapple Express”

“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath, trailer for “Iron Man”

“Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)” by Jay-Z, trailer for “American Gangster”

And probably countless others than I can’t remember.



4 responses

22 05 2010

I totally swooped into iTunes and picked up MIA’s Paper Planes after seeing that trailer too… how funny! I do that alot myself. I actually use music to help develop my own scripts… so if I hear something in a trailer that illicits an emotion or feeling, I’ll snatch it up and use it in my own writing for scenes with similar vibes!

22 05 2010

You know what, dude? I had literally just got Rock Me Sexy Jesus out of my head. Three weeks, it festered in there. Now, thank you so very much for reminding me.

Ma ligne de chance…

22 05 2010

Yeah, you gotta admit that “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” is some kind of catchy. It has that kind of church song-y feel with words that would make the Pope cringe.

And I’m not familiar with that phrase at the end? Care to enlighten me?

22 05 2010

I did “Great DJ” by the Ting-Tings after the “Slumdog Millionaire” trailer. Everytime I listen to the song I have the visual picture of the little Indian boys running through the slums. Loved that movie, and the song is pretty kick butt too.

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