Random Factoid #559

7 02 2011

Given how far behind I am in factoiding (7 days, eek), I figured it was time to pull a page from the music industry’s playback: when new ideas aren’t flowing, go back to the greatest hits.

Way back in Random Factoid #298, I wrote about how I tend to buy music after I hear it in movies (or their trailers, which can often feature catchy tunes).  So here’s part two of that factoid, basically filling you in on all the things that are in my “Purchased” playlist on iTunes.

“Don’t Think” by The Chemical Brothers, as heard in “Black Swan”

“Baby, You’re A Rich Man” by The Beatles, as heard in “The Social Network”

“Animal” by Neon Trees, as heard in the trailer for “Love & Other Drugs”

“You and Me” by Penny & The Quarters, as heard in “Blue Valentine”

“Speaking Unto Nations” by Ludwig van Beethoven, as heard in “The King’s Speech”

“Misery” by Maroon 5, as heard in the trailer for “The Dilemma”

“Ball and Biscuit” by The White Stripes (RIP), as heard in “The Social Network”

“Map of the Problematique” by Muse, as heard in the trailer for “The Tourist”

“Creep” by Scala and Kolacny Brothers, as heard in the trailer for “The Social Network”

Random Factoid #498

8 12 2010

Back in Random Factoid #257, I wrote that “I have a nasty habit of letting my iTunes rentals sit for almost all of their 30 day rental periods.  Then, I scramble to watch them before they expire – which is not a fun way to watch a movie.”

The whole 24-hour watching period is a pain in the butt and always feels like significantly less than the day that it is.  Subtract sleep from the equation and you are looking at about 16-17 actual viewing hours.  Then no one actually has nothing to do for 16 hours, and it’s really hard to find 2 hours of those to sit down and watch without having to worry.

So when I opened my AT&T U-Verse UGuide this week and saw that they were offering a 3-day rental for “Toy Story 3,” I couldn’t help but wonder why all streaming/online rentals can’t have a longer watching period?  Sometimes it’s hard to start a movie and then finish it within 24 hours – life happens.  I can count multiple times that I haven’t finished a movie I started watching on iTunes; so many instances, in fact, that I generally don’t let myself watch an iTunes rental past 8:30 P.M.

My modest proposal (tastier than a baby) would be this: at least a 2 day watching period for rented movies. I can live with 36 hours, too.

Random Factoid #425

26 09 2010

Dear iTunes,

Please get the Scala and Kolacny Brothers cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” ASAP.  Listening to it on YouTube is no way to do it, especially when you are doing it on your iPhone while driving and picking up any WiFi networks stop the song.  Please put it up either on “The Social Network” soundtrack or with the album that it was originally released on.  Every day I see this, my heart breaks a little more.


P.S. – Speaking of “The Social Network,” thank you Trent Raznor for the five-track sampler.  It is truly heavenly.

Random Factoid #298

22 05 2010

I’ve got a lot of soundtracks in my iTunes library, and I won’t try to hide it.  What I haven’t revealed yet is that I buy a whole lot of songs because I hear them in the trailer of a movie.  I’ll hear a tune and Google it to find out what the song is called.  Click, click, it’s in my library.

Here are some of the songs that are now proudly stored in Marshall’s iTunes library thanks to movie trailers.

“Help Yourself” by Sad Brad Smith, trailer for “Up in the Air”

“You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” by Beth Rowley, trailer for “An Education”

“Photograph” by Ringo Starr, trailer for “Funny People”

“The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins, trailer for “Watchmen”

“Wild is the Wind” by Nina Simone, trailer for “Revolutionary Road”

“Rock Me Sexy Jesus” by The Ralph Sall Experience, trailer for “Hamlet 2”

“Paper Planes” by M.I.A., trailer for “Pineapple Express”

“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath, trailer for “Iron Man”

“Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)” by Jay-Z, trailer for “American Gangster”

And probably countless others than I can’t remember.

Random Factoid #263

17 04 2010

Scott over at “He Shot Cyrus” posted a probing question in one of his many comments yesterday (follow his lead, other readers):

How do you get your movies now? Hollywood or Blockbuster?
Netflix just takes a little planning ahead and while the physical rental stores are still good for quick picks, I save so much money on late fees. Also, their selection is untouchable.

I’ll break it down for you all in order of frequency.

  1. Houston Public Library.  Seriously.  They have pretty much any movie I could want from the past decade, and it just takes a little planning (like Scott said).  Another big plus is that I can have up to 15 movies out at a time.  And did I mention it’s free?
  2. iTunes.  It’s where I go to get my quick fixes for movie cravings (and for some things that the library might not have).  I have an Apple TV, so I can watch iTunes rentals on practically any electronic device I own (because I have an iPhone, albeit a cracked one).
  3. Blockbuster.  Ever since they did their bizarre rental schism, I’ve been reluctant to go there.  But when I need a movie that hasn’t been released electronically, this is where I go.
  4. On Demand.  AT&T has some nifty on-demand movies on U-Verse, but I usually choose iTunes just because of the more diverse viewing options it offers.
  5. Redbox.  I chronicled my first visit to Redbox back in December, and since then I have only gone back once (I got “Moon,” for those who are particularly curious).  I have a couple of coupons for free rentals, so I can imagine using them whenever summer rolls around.

Hope this proves enlightening for those of you thinking, “Gosh, how does that Marshall watch his movies.”  Rest easy tonight, you formerly weary souls.

Random Factoid #257

11 04 2010

I have a nasty habit of letting my iTunes rentals sit for almost all of their 30 day rental periods.  Then, I scramble to watch them before they expire – which is not a fun way to watch a movie.

Procrastination is just pervading through my life.  Love it.

Random Factoid #183

27 01 2010

Way back in September, I told about my rather large movie library on iTunes.

I bought a few more (including “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in high definition which takes up a whopping 5 gigabytes) and my computer finally did not have the will to sustain itself.  I took it to the Genius Bar, and they suggested that I buy an external hard drive to put my movies on.

$100 later, my computer is running much more happily.  And quickly, which is more important.

Random Factoid #132

7 12 2009

About yesterday’s factoid regarding Beth Rowley and “You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” from “An Education”: I listened to the song three times in a row so it would become the most played song on my iTunes and so I could get not just one, but two factoids out of it.

Random Factoid #119

24 11 2009

The giddy sensation that comes with buying good movies cheap, like I mentioned in yesterday’s factoid (Random Factoid #118) isn’t limited to stores.  iTunes often offers $5 movies, and I will confess that I simply cannot resist.  I have bought “Hitch” and “Thank You for Smoking” through these promotions.

P.S. – These promotions also bring very frustrating feelings whenever the movie that I just bought gets marked down almost instantaneously.

Random Factoid #64

30 09 2009

629 of the 2045 songs in my iTunes library are from soundtracks.  That’s about 31%, for those who don’t like dealing with fractions.  After further analysis of my catalog, I discovered that this number is so high because of the vast number of complete soundtracks I have.  Up until a few years ago, I only looked in the soundtracks when browsing for music.  But I still love soundtracks; I grab them off the shelf at the library every time I go.

Random Factoid #46

12 09 2009

I have 25 movies in my iTunes library, and it takes up an obscene 30.5 gigabytes on my hard drive.  The sad thing is most of the movies really aren’t that great.  A lot of them I bought because I always wanted a movie on my computer that I had yet to see (this was before the dawn of iTunes movie rentals).  Thus, I have “The Longest Yard” on my iPod but not “American Beauty.”  I know it’s a problem; I’m working on it.