Random Factoid #312

5 06 2010

Just my luck.

On Thursday, I went to see “Kick-Ass” at AMC Studio 30 (you know, the one I always gripe about).  After the movie was over, I headed to the automatic ticket kiosk before returning home.  Because I go the movies so much, I happen to know that the kiosk shows what specific theater number a movie will be showing in at a certain time.

Going all the way back to Random Factoid #1, I shared that I keep a collection of movie ticket stubs.  However, I don’t think I have revealed that I have a desire to get a stub for every theater number at a theater.  So I went to the kiosk with the intent of finding out if “Get Him to the Greek,” which I was planning on seeing the next day, would be in a theater that I didn’t have a ticket stub for.  Sure enough, it was showing in theater 15, one of the ones I didn’t have.  I wrote down the showtimes for theater 15 and made sure that I went to one of them the next day.

I went at 5:00, one of the showtimes for theater 15.  However, when I bought the tickets, the tickets said theater 14.  My brilliant plan backfired.



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