Random Factoid #312

5 06 2010

Just my luck.

On Thursday, I went to see “Kick-Ass” at AMC Studio 30 (you know, the one I always gripe about).  After the movie was over, I headed to the automatic ticket kiosk before returning home.  Because I go the movies so much, I happen to know that the kiosk shows what specific theater number a movie will be showing in at a certain time.

Going all the way back to Random Factoid #1, I shared that I keep a collection of movie ticket stubs.  However, I don’t think I have revealed that I have a desire to get a stub for every theater number at a theater.  So I went to the kiosk with the intent of finding out if “Get Him to the Greek,” which I was planning on seeing the next day, would be in a theater that I didn’t have a ticket stub for.  Sure enough, it was showing in theater 15, one of the ones I didn’t have.  I wrote down the showtimes for theater 15 and made sure that I went to one of them the next day.

I went at 5:00, one of the showtimes for theater 15.  However, when I bought the tickets, the tickets said theater 14.  My brilliant plan backfired.

Random Factoid #173

17 01 2010

I complain a lot about AMC Studio 30 and all the frenzied moviegoing experiences I have there.  But, I have yet to tell you why it is that I continue to go there.

AMC Studio 30 offers a parking lot, not a parking garage.  I can park for free.  The cheapskate in me usually wins now when it comes to picking movies because my favorite and much more convenient theater, Edwards Greenway Palace 24, charges an exorbitant $3 to park.

Random Factoid #168

12 01 2010

Squeamish, stand back.  Today’s factoid will be sharing a particularly nasty moviegoing experience.

It was the night of June 12, 2009.  My friend and I were running into the theater (AMC Studio 30), hoping that we could still get good seats to the 7:20 showing “The Taking of Pelham 123” because it was, after all, opening night.  We sprinted in at about 7:15 only to find a line outside our theater that was looped several times.

This seemed a little suspect to me because lines are usually admitted 30 minutes or so before the movie starts, and we were waiting with less than five.  But from the looks of the line, we would be able to get pretty good seats, so I didn’t question it too much.

Minutes started to go by, and soon it was 7:20 and we were still waiting outside.  Some woman much bolder than I approached the manager and asked what the deal was.  The word spread quickly through the line.

Someone had urinated and defecated on the floor of the theater.

We were waiting outside because the custodial crew was still hard at work cleaning the excrement and purging the smell.  They let us in just in time to watch the last preview – which was for “Armored” – and get settled as the movie was starting.  No stench remained in the theater, but the perpetrator made sure that I remembered the night I saw “The Taking of Pelham 123.”

Random Factoid #165

9 01 2010

I think we all take sound quality for granted.  It is something that we expect to be a non-issue when we go to the movie theater, yet when it is lacking, the experience is tainted.

I was reminded of the importance of sound quality over the holidays when I went to see “Sherlock Holmes.”  For the first 30 minutes, all the voices sounded muffled and as if I was hearing them from a great distance away.  It impacted my ability to focus on the movie and made my ear work too hard.

Oh, and it was at the same theater that all my problems seem to occur.  AMC Studio 30.  Love the place, but it’s time to get the act together.

Random Factoid #158

2 01 2010

A trite, yet startling moment at the box office this afternoon.

As I purchased my ticket at AMC Studio 30, something struck me.  AMC had changed the shape of their tickets completely!  My instant feeling was panic – will this fit in my collection?  Thankfully, it is the same height as most of my tickets.  Crisis averted.