Random Factoid #317

10 06 2010

Yesterday, I totally had what M. Carter calls a “Real-Life Movie Moment.” She has a whole template for describing them, so I’ll follow it.

The movie: “Up in the Air”

The moment: While at my dad’s birthday dinner last night, we were waited on by a team of waiters.  The first was an older, more experienced man, perhaps not just a waiter but even a manager.  The second was a younger woman, clearly a trainee.  I assume it was one of her preliminary days on the job because he was walking her through the motions and giving her little tips throughout our meal.  While serving me a cup of gumbo, I could hear him whispering to her, “The spoon goes on the right.  Now reach around him and put it down.”  She did a fine job, but she was clearly flustered and nervous.  She offered cookie-cutter courtesy and was so business oriented that she was more of a robot than a waitress.

The correlation: Ryan and Natalie, duh!  Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) takes neophyte Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick) with him on an aerial adventure of lay-offs.  He understands the art of offering these people some sort of sympathy and respect.  She, on the other hand, feels that the firings could go more efficiently if they are performed mechanically and are desensitized.

I just see movies everywhere.  Life imitating art.



5 responses

10 06 2010

Marshall, your shoutout made my day, AND it reminded me it’s been eons since my last RLMM. 🙂

10 06 2010

And also: How did you get Ebert to comment on your blog? I have a pen and notepad ready…

10 06 2010

Well … he didn’t exactly comment “on” my blog. I wrote my piece “Mindless Moviegoing” in response to his controversial article “The Gathering Dark Age,” where he basically blamed my generation for what he feels is an impending cinematic crisis. I commented on the post, and he left a direct response to it. I was elated.

10 06 2010

I’ve been thinking about doing a post about moments like these as well, but more along the lines of stuff I find myself doing everyday. I’ll have to go over and read through all of what our dear Carter has!

10 06 2010

I could honestly write a whole other blog filled with just these, but they make for nice factoids every now and then.

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