16 06 2010

The perks of a commitment to constant commenting (alliteration fully intended) are manifold, and this is my hard work manifested.

After placing second in Anomalous Material’s May commenting contests (to none other than the winner of my own commenting contest in April, Ripley from “Four of Them”), I was given a choice of many prizes.  I chose a blog review on the site, similar to the LAMB’s Brutally Blunt Blog Blustering.

I really want your honest opinion on how to change it – from bloggers and normal moviegoers.  CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW to be taken to Anomalous Material where the blog review is taking place.  Leave your honest thoughts, no matter how cruel they may be.  If you absolutely hate my blog and want me to stop immediately, phrase it nicely and leave it as a comment.  I asked for this, so I’m prepared to hear whatever you think.

Head on over to Anomalous Material and review me!

And while you are at it, check out the “Greatest Comedy of All-Time Tournament.”  It’s a massive, 128-movie bracket to ultimately determine what blog readers think is the funniest movie ever.  Basically, it’s like March Madness for moviegoers on steroids.  It’s a pretty massive undertaking, so go give Red and Castor your votes and time.

What an ambitious project. Do yourself a favor and participate.



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16 06 2010

Thanks for linking to the tournament!

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