Random Factoid #322

15 06 2010

Back in Random Factoid #73, I manned up enough to say that I cry in movies occasionally. But what I didn’t tell you is what those movies were.

Now, 249 days later, I’m ready to reveal some of those movies. In keeping with the spirit of Pixar, you can probably guess what I’ll tell you.

Three Pixar movies have made me cry.

The song “When She Loved Me” from “Toy Story 2” makes me sob. It’s so beautiful and wonderfully done.

The climax of “Monsters, Inc.” – which I won’t ruin for those dumb enough not to have seen it – made me cry the first time, although I don’t think I’ve cried since.

And I pretty much cry the first and last 15 minutes of “Up.” The “Married Life” sequence at the beginning is so incredibly powerful that I cry earlier and earlier every time, anticipating the tragic end.



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15 06 2010
Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

I guess I don’t have a soul, I have yet to cry while watching a film. I came close to Marley & Me since i’m a sucker for dogs.

15 06 2010

Pixar, basically is known for the terribly tear-ful montages.

15 06 2010

I saw “Toy Story 3” tonight, and it’s no different. Plenty of tears.

16 06 2010

I cry every time I see “Up” as well during the same sequence. Definitely one of the best, if not the best, Pixar movie.

Also, I am very excited about “Toy Story 3,” and I have been enjoying the Toy Story related factoids. There seems to be a big movement around the movie, I am college age, but will see it with my friends on opening night, probably in Imax just to be celebratory šŸ™‚

16 06 2010

I’ve only ever cried at the end of one film – The Notebook. I was homesick at the time, so I think that was the main reason I was crying! I still haven’t seen “Up”, so that could well be the second one at which I cry!

Someone mentioned “Marley & me” – Even reading about that film makes me want to weep, so I don’t think I’ll ever subject myself to watching it šŸ˜¦

16 06 2010

How have you not seen “Up,” roisina?!?!?!

Do yourself a favor: step away from the computer, go to your nearest video store, rent “Up,” and pop it into the DVD player.

16 06 2010
Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

@roisinaobrien 100% agree with Marshall. You need to see Up…NOW!

@Marshall I’m pretty jealous that you saw Toy Story 3. I already bought my ticket for IMAX opening day.

18 06 2010

@Marshall @Dreher Bear I know – Shame on me! I go to see almost every (good) film that is released in the cinema, but I somehow didn’t find time to go see Up when it was out. I’ll add it to my Amazon shopping cart right now šŸ™‚

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