Shameless Advertisement #14 – Banks Lee & The Three Clicks

29 06 2010

I have to give this guy a shameless advertisement.  I’m calling it right now – this could be the next Julie Powell and “Julie & Julia.”

Banks Lee was featured in an article that ran on Yahoo’s frontpage on Friday, and I caught wind of his blogging project through that article.  Listen to his quest:

My name is Banks Lee, and I’m a big guy. Not obese, but still big. I’m 6’2″ and weigh roughly around 310 lbs. Why am I telling you this? Because I am not able to fit onto the new Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey attraction at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL.

But don’t worry. This blog is not to criticize Universal Orlando for not making the ride vehicles roomier. No, this blog is to chronicle my journey to get into shape and lose enough weight to be able to get on Forbidden Journey. Even when I achieve this goal, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop exercising or eating right.

The name “The Three Clicks” comes from a rule that Universal Studios has that the shoulder restraint has to click three times into the belt.

The whole project has a whole bunch of stuff that Americans love.  We love people losing weight.  “The Biggest Loser” is a hugely successful show and Jillian Michaels is a celebrity because it makes us feel good to see people transform their lives.  It gives us confidence that we can take off a lot of weight if we put ourselves to it.  And it involves “Harry Potter,” a literary phenomenon that pretty much everyone has read.  And if they haven’t read it, they’ve probably seen the movies.  It seems like a golden combination.

So go over to “Banks Lee & The Three Clicks” and support what could be an enormously popular quest to be fit.  Even if it doesn’t succeed or become a pop culture phenomenon in its own light, you’ll be helping someone become healthier.



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