Random Factoid #336

29 06 2010

Ok, just ignore the graphic to the side.  It’s just meant to look good … it doesn’t have what I want to talk about in it.  I couldn’t find any picture with what I needed, so I picked the one with Samuel L. Jackson.  He’s usually good enough to make up for flaws.

Anways, ever wonder what people do that you see in the credits?  Whenever the director decides to put the key figures in the opening credits, we get to see a whole bunch of assorted production figures first in the ending credits.

When that happens, the first person we see is almost always the “unit production manager.”  So the other day, I started wondering to myself, “What on earth does a unit production manager do?”

Well, for those of you wondering like me, here’s what they do (according to IMDb):

An executive who is responsible to a senior producer for the administration of a particular movie. Unit Production Managers only work on one film at a time. Only DGA members can be called Unit Production Managers.

If you didn’t know, now you know.  So the next time you go to the movies, brag to the people you came with that you know what a unit production manager does.



One response

29 06 2010

Thanks for that Marshall, I look forward to sharing that little gem with whoever I go to the cinema with next.

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