Random Factoid #339

2 07 2010

Even from a young age, my mom knew how to use my obsession with movies to get me to do what she wanted.

She noticed that in most of the movies I watched, the villains had disgustingly long nails. We both noticed how nasty Ruber’s were in the 1998 animated film “Quest for Camelot,” and from that day forth, she has called long nails “Ruber Nails.”

12 years later, when I slack on nail hygiene, she’s still there saying, “Gross! You have Ruber Nails. You need to go trim them!”

Although after seeing “Doubt” and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s nasty nails, they could easily have been renamed “Philip Seymour Hoffman Nails.” But “Ruber Nails” had been in place for too long, and it’s also a lot easier to say.



2 responses

2 07 2010

I think I’ll adopt this with my children, Marsh! Thanks for the idea, my man!

3 07 2010

Lol, my mom and I totally started on that after watching Doubt. I always have short nails because I play the piano but whenever my mom or I see a person with disgustingly long and ugly nails we always whisper “Phillip Seymour Hoffman nails!” to each other. I love your Random Factoids.

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