Random Factoid #339

2 07 2010

Even from a young age, my mom knew how to use my obsession with movies to get me to do what she wanted.

She noticed that in most of the movies I watched, the villains had disgustingly long nails. We both noticed how nasty Ruber’s were in the 1998 animated film “Quest for Camelot,” and from that day forth, she has called long nails “Ruber Nails.”

12 years later, when I slack on nail hygiene, she’s still there saying, “Gross! You have Ruber Nails. You need to go trim them!”

Although after seeing “Doubt” and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s nasty nails, they could easily have been renamed “Philip Seymour Hoffman Nails.” But “Ruber Nails” had been in place for too long, and it’s also a lot easier to say.

Random Factoid #145

20 12 2009

The other day, digging through my closet, I rediscovered the roll of posters that I had tucked away in the corner.  This roll consists of dozens of posters that I have accumulated over the years, most coming from the late ’90s.

Something that particularly jumped out at me was how many posters I had for the movie “Quest for Camelot.”  I had not only the main poster but also several character posters.

The main poster adorned the entrance to my room for quite some time.  But I was 6, and I decided that the poster needed some “homy touches.”

A homy touch to the six-year-old me was writing in red marker on the poster “MARSHALL’S ROOM” at the top and “DO NOT ENTER” at the bottom.